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The official website of Every Folk Song, a podcast about the history of old folk music, with insights, tangents, and lots of character.

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And what do a bunch of randos on iTunes say about it?

"This podcast is fun, thoughtful, interesting, and well researched!"

"One of my favorite podcasts!"

"Matt is a super charming and funny host. I laugh out loud at least once an episode and tear up probably every other episode."

"Matt does an awesome job of completely researching each entry and presenting every aspect with painstaking detail. He does all the work and we just sit back and learn everything."

"You don't have to love folk music to find the genre fascinating."

And are there any other words that would help with SEO?

Sure! Words like: Folk music. Folk. Podcast. History. Educational. Funny. Fun. Audio. Matt Aukamp. Arts and Culture. Appalachian Folk Music. English Folk Music. Scottish Folk Music. Folk tales. Roud. Steve Roud. Roud Folk Music Index. Francis Child. Child Ballads. Vaughn Williams. Classic Music. Classic songs. Folk Index. Murder Ballads. Folk Songs. Folk singers. Irish Folk Music. European Folk Music. Oral Tradition. Broadside Ballads. Broadsides. Minstrelsy. American Folk Music. Midwestern Folk Songs. Country Music. Old Country Music. Old World Music. Folk Revival. Bob Dylan. Joan Baez. Simon & Garfunkle. AL Lloyd. Martin Carthy. Folk History. Folk tales. Short Stories. Essays. Humanities. Sociology. Research. Tunes. Songs. Singing. Guitar. Balladry. Knights. Love Songs. Murder Songs. Medieval Ballads. Storytelling. Podcasting. Radio. Ok, is that enough words? I just want my website host to stop telling me I could be doing more. If you are reading this and have a friend who might like the show send them this way so one day I won't have to do shameless stuff like listing SEO keywords on my website. I love you.

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